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Split, Sunburst, Victorian
Straight or Spindle Rail

Straight or Scalloped Fascia

Fan, Victorian, Halfmoon or Scalloped Brace
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Gazebos can be built to either stand
alone or be attached to your deck.
Choose from
Wood or Vinyl Construction

Oval, Rectangular or Octagonal

30 year Architectural, Cedar Shake,
Rubber Slate Shingles Or Metal Roofing

Pressure Treated or Composite Decking for the floor
Vinyl Rectangular Gazebo w/Cupola
Vinyl Octagon Gazebo w/Cupola
Wood Octagon Gazebo w/Screens
Vinyl Pavilion
Vinyl Octagon Gazebo on Deck
Wood Oval Gazebo w/ Screens
Vinly Octagon Gazebo